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Home Office

It is where functionality and ergonomics are super important, but your comfort is just as crucial. We’ve picked some useful furniture and accessories to help you get the most out of your home office.

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Meet our clever selection: a handy side table which slides over any sofa. Spacious storage for all the paperwork can be easily within reach, yet cleverly hidden.

An easy to carry stool that lets you effortlessly change places, if it gets too crowded. And many, many more!

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A wide selection of versatile sideboards, ready to take up any storage challenge. Getting organized has never been easier - the outstanding capacity of our pieces will bring peace to all your home office clutter.

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Home Office

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Having trouble finding your favorite style? Shop all home office products - freely choose and compare to find a sideboard, a side table or a seating that will capture your heart.

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